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DataVoice Office Products


Modular System AMJ-S/AMJ/UMJ

Patch Panels and Distributors

Connection Modules Cat.7A

Modular Plugs

Defined Disconnect CP-Link

Patch Cords and Plugs

Copper Installation and flexible Cables

RJ45 Surge Protection

UCT – Wiring Tester

TOC – Outdoor Connectors

FO Connectors

FO Fiber Pigtails

FO Patch Cords

FO Installation Cables

FO Ready-to-install Fiber Optic Links

FO MPO/MTP® Cabling System

FO Splice Cassette System SAM

FO Outlets

FO Patch Panels

FO Wall Boxes and Splice Boxes

FO Termination Tools and Accessories

DIN 41618 / 41622 Connectors

LF Connectors 10-way MIL-C-10544

Bindings Posts KL58, KL65

Everything for structured building cabling

A typical feature of modern office networks in addition to the constantly increasing number of ever more efficient terminating equipment is the need for maximum flexibility because work places frequently have to be moved or reorganised. With DataVoice Office, Telegärtner offers users and installers a comprehensive programme of high quality connecting components for complete, structured cabling of office buildings.

Special features of DataVoice Office Components

Scope, quality, technology, installation properties, flexibility in application: DataVoice office components from Telegärtner have it all.

25 year system warranty

Telegärtner guarantees standard-compatible cabling lines even decades after their installation.

500 MHz components
in Cat.6A quality

Comprehensive programme with patch panels, wall outlets, mini distributors, patch cables, RJ45 modules.

Protection against overbending

All DataVoice Office products with a “K” in the product name have an integrated protection against overbending.

Quality made in Germany

Standard-compatible production and installation in Germany certified by the 3P and GHMT test laboratories.

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