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Reliable connectors for Industrial Ethernet

In a rugged industrial environment cabling components are often exposed to dust, moisture, chemicals or extreme temperatures. Nevertheless they must still guarantee high transmission rates or meet the requirements of certain protection classes. The DataVoice Industry cabling components ensure reliable connections in factory, machine or plant cabling and take all the challenges facing users in the industrial environment into consideration: Glass fibre and copper, flange and protective housing.

Special features of DataVoice Industry Components

In factory, machine or plant cabling: The Telegärtner industrial connectors of variants 1, 4 and 5 offer solutions for modern, gigabit fast networks in compliance with standards.

25 year system warranty

Telegärtner guarantees standard-compatible cabling lines even decades after their installation.

500 MHz components
in Cat.6A quality

Comprehensive programme with patch panels, wall outlets, mini distributors, patch cables, RJ45 modules.

100% STEADYTEC ® conform

Industrially compatible cabling components according to the specifications to the STEADYTEC® technology brand.

Protection against overbending

All DataVoice Office products with a “K” in the product name have an integrated protection against overbending.

Quality made in Germany

Standard-compatible production and installation in Germany certified by the 3P and GHMT test laboratories.

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