The non plus ultra for home network cabling

DataVoice Home products


Modular System AMJ-S/AMJ/UMJ

Patch Panels and Distributors

Connection Modules Cat.7A

Modular Plugs

Defined Disconnect CP-Link

Patch Cords and Plugs

Copper Installation and flexible Cables

UCT – Wiring Tester

TOC – Outdoor Connectors

FO Connectors

FO Fiber Pigtails

FO Patch Cords

FO Ready-to-install Fiber Optic Links

FO MPO/MTP® Cabling System

FO Splice Cassette System SAM

FO Outlets

FO Patch Panels

FO Wall Boxes and Splice Boxes

FO Termination Tools and Accessories

Tailor-made for your home network

Where home networks are concerned, planners want components that comply with standards, installers components that are easy to install and users components that are powerful and reliable. With DataVoice Home from Telegärtner,both groups get what they want because they get module systems, wall outlets and mini-distributors which are all perfectly adapted to each other and therefore guarantee fast and simple installation of gigabit fast home networks.

Special features of DataVoice Home components

You can rely on Telegärtner not only for the installation but also for the repair and extension of existing networks: For situations like these, Telegärtner offers a wide range of products for field assembly such as the MFP8 connector or the VM8-8 connection module with which even unplanned tasks can be accomplished quickly, safely, reliably and, above all, without the need for special tools.

25 year system warranty

Telegärtner guarantees standard-compatible cabling lines even decades after their installation.

Warranty documents

Protection against overbending

All DataVoice Office products with a “K” in the product name have an integrated protection against overbending.

500 MHz components
in Cat.6A quality

Comprehensive programme with patch panels, wall outlets, mini distributors, patch cables, RJ45 modules.

Quality made in Germany

Standard-compatible production and installation in Germany certified by the 3P and GHMT test laboratories.

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Pre-assembled cables

Whether single modules or complete systems: Cable pre-assembly according to your specification.


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