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Modular System AMJ-S/AMJ/UMJ

Patch Panels and Distributors

Connection Modules Cat.7A

Modular Plugs

Defined Disconnect CP-Link

Patch Cords and Plugs

Copper Installation and flexible Cables

UCT – Wiring Tester

TOC – Outdoor Connectors

FO Connectors

FO Fiber Pigtails

FO Patch Cords

FO Ready-to-install Fiber Optic Links

FO MPO/MTP® Cabling System

FO Splice Cassette System SAM

FO Outlets

FO Patch Panels

FO Wall Boxes and Splice Boxes

FO Termination Tools and Accessories

System components for all requirements

Greatest possible data throughput, maximum reliability and minimum downtimes: Data centres have always placed the highest demands on IT components. In order to be able to meet these requirements, Telegärtner offers you adapted system components for the installation or expansion of data centres. In addition to multimode glass fibre cables of the OM3 and OM4 types, you will also find RJ45 module systems and prefabricated cables in the Data Center portfolio.

Pre-assembled cables for data centers

Data processing centres without glass fibre cables for high data rates are hard to imagine these days. Multimode fibres of the OM3 and OM4 type which transmit data rates of 10, 40 and 100 Gigabits per second according to the IEEE 803.2 standard have established themselves here. Flexibility with the shortest possible downtimes is a top priority at data processing centers. Pre-assembled solutions which you can get from Telegärtner have established themselves in data processing centers.

25 year system warranty

Telegärtner guarantees standard-compatible cabling lines even decades after their installation.

Tested quality
Stress-resistant cabling components designed for continuous operation in data centers.

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